"TAKE THIS COURSE!!! DO IT!!! AND MAKE SURE YOU PAY AMEYTHYST FOR HER WORK. seriously, the course is entertaining and you will learn a few things, especially if you are interested in degrees and house placements. this course will teach you to look at some of the placements of other individuals and apply concepts that can be used to further your understanding of other charts and maybe even your own."


As an astrologer, I have studied, practiced and tested theories prior to releasing courses. I know how to teach the basics and then show people how to get more specific in accuracy. I believe in knowing the basis for all knowledge and then breaking it down based on what people need. My course is curated to deliver the most pertinent information per topic.


I bring awareness for how the brain learns in my courses from my background in education. My methods combine best practices from my full time career coaching teachers and my experiences with guiding and coaching clients in astrology.


I encourage clients and customers to proactively reflect on what they learn. Astrology is not a passive pursuit. You will see in my lessons, I encourage you to apply what you have learned.


I consider myself a spiritual analyst because I like to explain the theories and reasons behind our spiritual experiences on Earth.  I was called through life experiences and accuracy in predictions to provide spiritual guidance to others. My primary divination tools are astrology and tarot. By nature, I am an educator. I have a background in secondary education and teacher coaching. I also educate through creating content about astrology and spirituality, and coach through providing readings for self-discovery and goal attainment. My approach to readings is to ensure clients can leave a reading with new information and answers for how to proceed.  As a lifelong learner, I am always refining and tweaking my methods to better serve my clients.

Astrologer - Coach - Educator