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Why Take This Course?

4 ways to describe this course

  • Detailed and structured (Lessons are designed to follow an organic order)
  • Caters to different learning styles using video, audio, multiple choice, descriptions, examples, and resources
  • Nuanced (My PDF handouts are created by me based on research and experience)
  • Proactive/Reflective - Activities designed to help you maximize your Sun/Moon energy

8 reasons you should take the course

  • You are newer to astrology and need guidance to understand these anchor planets before going further
  • You like astrology and want a framework for how to analyze decans, degrees, aspects, and transits related to the Sun and Moon
  • You are well-versed in astrology but want to advance your interpretations to be more accurate
  • You feel the information out there isn’t helping you understand these planets’ capabilities 
  • You prefer resources and visual or auditory learning tools to help you gain insight 
  • You have received a chart reading from me and want to understand more about my thought process for analyzing these planets
  • You plan to seriously complete all of the tasks in the course.
  • I offer virtual chat office hours 2x a week for anyone who wants support taking the course

Please Note!

Please submit a customer form to take this course. This is a similar form that I use for client readings. This form helps me assist you through reflection activities and have a frame of reference for your birth chart info.

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